Judge Tries To Violate Patriotic Gun Owner’s Rights, So He Does This

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Until a few weeks ago, Jeremy Alcede was the proud owner of Tacticul Firearms shooting center. Then the business went bankrupt, and now Alcede is at risk of losing everything, including his Facebook password.

A judge has ordered Alcede to hand over the shooting center’s Facebook password to the new owners this week. When Alcede refused to do so, he was arrested for contempt of court on Wednesday.

“When they said they wanted the Facebook, I explained to the attorney who was representing the company that there is no company Facebook page and there’s just my personal page. And I asked her to convey that to the judge, and obviously it wasn’t conveyed,” Alcede told reporters.

Alcede’s Facebook page went viral after he began posting numerous politically related signs from the front of the store while he still owned it. He is convinced that this is why the new owners want access to his page, but he isn’t handing it over.

John Boyert, the new owner of the shooting center, disagrees with this version of events.

”At the point in time, he was an employee of the company and he was building that for the company regardless of who is owner or not,” he said.

A judge has ordered an investigation to determine who has rights to the Facebook page.

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H/T: The Blaze

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