Good News for Bill Cosby

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Even with over two dozen women who have now come forward with allegations of abuse against Bill Cosby, it is unlikely that the comedian will face any charges. Due to the statute of limitations, which is defined as the time period in which a legal action must be brought, cases brought against Cosby now will likely be dismissed.

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While Cosby may never see the inside of a prison cell, he could still be on the hook for millions of dollars. While his accusers waited too long to file charges, they could certainly ruin him financially via civil lawsuits. In fact, Cosby settled a civil case involving allegations of sexual assault in Pennsylvania in 2006. Judith Huth has been the first in his most recent slew of accusers to file a civil suit against him, accusing him of sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It remains to be seen if more women will take her lead.

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While many aspects of this case are currently up in the air, one thing is for certain: Bill Cosby’s reputation as a wholesome, all-American TV dad is officially shattered. He will forever be known as a rapist.


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