Rosie O’Donnell Supports North Korea

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The United States has been fielding attacks all week from North Korea for the new Hollywood movie The Interview. While patriotic citizens have tried to stand by our country through North Korea’s threats of violence, Rosie O’Donnell wasted no time in jumping ship.

Speaking about North Korea’s threats of terrorism at theaters showing The Interview, Rosie let her true feelings be known.

“How many people would not got to see it because of this threat?” O’Donnell asked the audience of The View. “Because I wouldn’t go. Truthfully. I wouldn’t … It’s not worth it to me to see a movie that’s supposedly not even that funny.”

Luckily, former Bush staffer Nicolle Wallace was there to remind viewers to behave like the brave Americans that we are.

“If you want to see it, don’t let some goon in North Korea change your plans,” Wallace said.

Whether the movie is good or not, Rosie has given the North Koreans exactly the reaction they wanted. Instead of standing by our country, she’s letting the communists win.

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H/T: The Wrap

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