Naked 2-Yr-Old Girls Pulled From Feces-Covered Home Parent Claims Was Clean

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Sheriff’s deputies have rescued two children from a Venice, Florida, house of horrors. The naked 2-year-old girls were roaming the house, where feces covered the walls and rooms were caked with mold. The children were not even wearing diapers. Their parents have since been arrested and charged with child neglect.

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Elizabeth Davis, 32, and Wesley Benoit, 35, were arrested and charged with child neglect.

Law enforcement discovered the trash-filled home of Elizabeth Davis, 32, and Wesley Benoit, 35, when they were called out to the house in response to a disturbance. Both parents have pointed the finger at the other, saying they are each a “danger” to the children, who have not been named. Incredibly, Davis told authorities that she cleans her home daily and did not believe it was messy or that the conditions were a problem.

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The floors, walls and ceilings of the home were smeared with feces. Conditions were worst in the children’s bedroom.

MailOnline reported:

A grim police report describes a house where floors, walls and even some ceilings were smeared with feces, urine and other garbage.

The children’s bedroom, according to the deputies, was particularly ridden by feces.

In the bathroom, the shower contained a kiddie pool reportedly filled with stagnant water covered in a brown film, while mold coated the floor.

In the kitchen, the report said, there were dirty dishes and pans piled high, with decaying food inside.

In the sink sheriffs described stagnant water covered with a white, milky film, while an outside patio was reportedly covered in garbage and cigarette butts.

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The kitchen sink was filled with stagnant water, covered by a white, milky film. Dirty dishes filled with rotting food were piled high.

Clearly, Davis and Benoit are out of their minds. Unfortunately, police did not uncover their neglect sooner, and their daughters were forced to spend some of their most formative years in filth. It’s a miracle that they are still alive. What punishment should these unfit parents receive? Sound off in the comments section.

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