Sickening Family Incest Ring Forced Children To Engage In Bestiality

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Yesterday, we reported on the Sena family, who forced their children to engage in multiple acts of incest over the course of at least twelve years. Today, new details have come to light that reveal that this family is even more twisted than we thought…

Home videos seized from the home of Christopher Sena show the father forcing two of his children to have sex with the family dog. The chilling footage helped to lead to the arrest of Sena, as well as his ex-wife Terrie and current wife Deborah.

Just days before his September arrest, Christopher took to Facebook to brag about one of his sons helping out with household chores. He said that the boy “also learned a valuable lesson, after cleaning up your mess after you make it, its easier to clean the house. And I was really proud of him when we mowed the yard, he stood up and took charge instead of standing around, I think he’s finally getting the hang of things, because I didn’t have to yell at him, I just have one more son to go.”

Christopher Sena is now facing nearly two dozen charges, many of which carry a sentence of life in prison. What do you think his punishment should be? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: Daily Beast

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