New Details Revealed In Fox Anchor’s Suicide

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We recently reported on the tragic death of Dominic Di-Natale, a respected Fox News reporter who took his own life earlier this month. Now, new details are coming to light that are giving the public some insight as to why Di-Natale made this tragic decision.

The journalist reportedly decided to commit suicide after being diagnosed with a neurological disorder that was making it difficult to do the work that he loved.

Di-Natale was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in October of 2012 after returning home from reporting in Afghanistan. The reporter quietly began seeking treatment, but he soon began to notice other physical issues within himself. A visit to a neurologist revealed that Di-Natale had brain damage that probably resulted from a concussion he suffered after a mortar attack in Iraq in 2009, or a bullet ricocheting off his helmet in Afghanistan in 2011.

Doctors told Di-Natale that his condition would only worsen, and the journalist did not take this prognosis well.

“I cannot live like that,” he wrote in a letter before his death. “Nor can I bear the thought of those around me watching me degenerate.”

Di-Natale amicably parted ways with Fox on November 30. He then mailed some “sensitive documents” to a friend before heading out for what he called some “time off.” New York Times reporter Ernesto Londono, a close friend of Di-Natale’s, described his final day:

Mr. Di-Natale drove his cherry red Ford 150 pickup truck to scenic spot in the Colorado mountains, near Denver. Before pulling the trigger on a gun, Mr. Di-Natale sent a text message to Ms. Perry that contained a link to a map with his location.

“This is where the authorities can find me,” he wrote in the text message. “I cannot live and diminish with this illness. To my father, to you and to those I have hurt and inconvenienced, I am so very, very sorry.”

In the letter, Mr. Di-Natale asked his friend to help find a home for his two cats, which he got in Pakistan. He pleaded that they be spared from Los Angeles shelters, which, he said, had high euthanasia rates. “The girls don’t deserve an early end to their lives because of a cowardly owner,” he wrote. They have been placed in a new home.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Dominic Di-Natale. May he rest in peace.

H/T: Mediaite

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