132 Children Dead In Terror Attack On School, Tehreek-e-Taliban Takes Credit

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014 Pakistan. While death tolls may continue to climb, at present Pakistani military are reporting 132 children and nine staff members have been killed in a terrorist attack on a military school today. A branch of the Taliban currently fighting to overthrow the Pakistani government, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed responsibility for the attack immediately after media reports surfaced.

The North Waziristan tribal area of Pakistan has been the target of recent operations of the Pakistani government for which the TTP insisted the slaughter of school chidren was retaliation. Claiming the government was targeting women and families in the area a spokesperson for the TTP stated, “We want them to feel the pain.” He claimed six suicide bombers planned to allow the youngest students to leave the school and then kill everyone else.

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Estimates of 1,100 students were in school today. Even though the school is on the edge of a military installment in Peshawar, most of the students are not affiliated with the military. Roughly 121 students were injured. Seven of those who responded on behalf of the Pakistani military were also injured along with three staff members.

One child reported seeing a blood drenched office assistant set ablaze as he crawled to safety.

The absolute horror of the actions taken by these Islamic terrorists is subhuman. No religion of “peace” would promote such actions against innocents. Atrocities of this nature are painfully reminiscent of the Nazis and no less evil. Its a heck of a time to be drawing down our troops and ceasing operations in the area. The United States has let down our allies in the region.

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