Al Sharpton “Very Offended” That Hollywood is Too White

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Whenever there is an issue regarding race in America, you can be sure to find Al Sharpton at the center. That being the case, he has inserted himself into the recent Sony email hacks scandal. “This could be a time to change Hollywood,” Sharpton told TMZ.

The (fake) Reverend is miffed because he believes “there’s no blacks with any real decision-making power. There’s no diversity at the top.” He will be meeting with Amy Pascal, whose emails were leaked, to determine whether or not his organization, National Action Network (NAN), will call for her resignation.

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“Right now Hollywood is like the Rocky Mountains – the higher up it goes, the whiter it looks,” said Sharpton in his usual fashion.

TMZ confronted America’s number one race-baiter about the fact that Pascal is the head of a studio which is putting out a remake of “Annie” featuring a black main character, at which point Sharpton looked visibly confused. “I’m gonna give her a lotta heck about the hack,” he responded.

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