Fraternity Sparks Liberal Outrage With This “Racist” Christmas Card

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According to MailOnline, a fraternity at the University of Pennsylvania has been accused of racism after including a black blow-up sex-doll in their annual Christmas card. Phi Delta Theta has now been forced to apologize for the Christmas card, which features the black doll amongst a group of white college students, saying that there was “no justification for this act of poor judgement.”

The photo, posted to the fraternity’s Facebook page, shows 29 young men posing in what appears to be the living room of their frat house. According to the fraternity brothers, the black figure seen under the arm of one man is a “Beyoncé sex toy” that was given as a “gag gift” during a Secret Santa exchange.

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While the guys meant no offense by including the black blow-up doll in their photo “as a joke,” several organizations on and off campus were appalled, including the university’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (of course). In response, the picture was removed from social media and the fraternity’s activities have been suspended pending further investigation into the matter.

“We are deeply concerned by this image,” Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity VP Sean Wagner told The Daily Pennsylvanian. “Phi Delta Theta is a values-based organization and the lack of judgment associated with this image indicates a disconnect from those same values.” Phi Delta Theta added that “the absence of racial motivation is no justification for this act of poor judgement and the decision not to include a sex toy in a holiday picture should have been an easy one.”

The fact that the NAACP takes issue with white men posing beside a black doll is the real example of racism in this case. While it was admittedly “distasteful” to include a sex toy in a college Christmas card, the fact that the toy is black should have no bearing. Share this report if you agree.

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