Donald Trump Makes Major 2016 Announcement

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Donald Trump has revealed that there is “a very substantial chance” he will run for President in 2016. At an event hosted by the Economic Club of Washington on Monday, Trump blasted Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, who are widely considered to be frontrunners in the growing list of GOP politicians who might run for the White House in 2016.

MailOnline reports that Trump is lining up support in key early primary states, and will appear at three separate events in Iowa next month. He also has appearances planned in New Hampshire and South Carolina, two crucial primary states.

Trump touted his own popularity, saying, “Everybody wants me in there. I helped lots of people get elected (this year). I did lots of robocalls for people. Everybody I did a robocall for won.”

Though critics have scoffed at the ultra-rich businessman for “playing games,” Trump says he’s absolutely serious about considering a run for the presidency, because “the country’s in serious trouble.” He said on Monday, “I think we need someone very good, very fast, or we’ll be in a lot of trouble.”

The billionaire insisted that he “would rather do what I’m doing than run for president, but I love the country more. Until I see someone I think is outstanding, I’d be inclined to do it.” He then slammed Ted Cruz, who many consider the leading prospect in a slew of potential GOP candidates, calling him out for being from Canada.

Trump promised to announce his final decision “sometime after the beginning of the year. Probably sometime in March, April or May.” Would you vote for him in 2016? Share this report if you think he’d do a much better job than Obama has done!

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