Major New Evidence in Michael Brown Shooting

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St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch has released two audio recordings which provide insight into the shooting of Michael Brown. The recordings were heard by the grand jury, meaning they factored into the decision not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting.

In the above recording, gun shots can be heard in the background of an unrelated conversation. In the below recording, officers can be heard calling for backup as Brown’s lifeless body lies in the street. “Get us several more units over here,” an officer says as a crowd gathers around the body. “There’s going to be a problem.”

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Some have questioned McCulloch for releasing so much evidence ahead of the federal investigation into the shooting coming to a close. However, others believe the federal investigation is a bunch of bologna to begin with and should have never even happened. From the beginning, there has been an abundance of evidence to support Officer Wilson’s version of events, which justifies the shooting of Brown as self-defense. Unfortunately, the violent race riots which followed the shooting prompted civil rights activists to get involved, which created a snowball effect, culminating in Eric Holder’s investigation.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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