Eric Garner’s Family Embarks on Media Tour While His Body Lies in Unmarked Grave

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The nation was shocked to discover that Michael Brown’s body was lying in an unmarked grave several months after his death, as his family traveled throughout the country (and internationally) profiting off of his death. In much the same fashion, we have now learned that Eric Garner’s body is sitting unattended in an unmarked grave as his own family joins Al Sharpton on a media tour to protest his death.

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43-year-old Garner’s funeral was in July, even before Michael Brown was shot on August 9, making the fact that his grave is still unmarked even more despicable. He left behind a wife and six children, all of whom apparently have better things to do than honor the memory of their husband and father. Take a look at Garner’s desolate grave site:


No flowers, no headstone, not a trace of grieving family members who might have visited the lonely spot.

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Al Sharpton doesn’t make time to place flowers on the graves of the “victims” he uses as ammunition for his incessant cries of racial injustice. However, if there were camera crews around, I’m sure he’d be the first one on the scene.

H/T: Vocativ

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