Second Amendment Supporters Hold Robbers at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

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The Wyatt family of Warrior, Alabama, had quite an eventful weekend! After their home was broken into, the Second Amendment supporters were being interviewed by the local news station, when a friend happened to run into the three suspects who had just robbed them. The Wyatts were able to hold the intruders at gunpoint until authorities arrived to haul them off.

Surveillance footage captured the thieves making off with two televisions and several Christmas presents, some for the Wyatts’ 1-year-old son, on Friday afternoon. They drove off in a black Ford Ranger and proceeded to rob another home on Saturday. It was while police were investigating this second break-in, that Sarah Wyatt called authorities to inform them she had caught the culprits.

“They happened to drive by and we seen them drive by and we knew it was them and we stopped them,” said Sarah’s husband, Chris Wyatt. “They tried to say that they were lost and we corrected them where they were,” he added.

Deputies arrived shortly and arrested one man and two women, charging them all with third degree burglary and second degree theft. They are each being held on a $25,000 bond. The stolen items were recovered from their vehicle and the Wyatts are hopeful that they will have them returned soon. “At least we’re all safe and in one piece and they are off the street for now,” Sarah commented.

Thanks to his well-armed parents, the Wyatts’ 1-year-old son will be having a great Christmas this year! Share this report if you support the actions of these Second Amendment enthusiasts!


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