Al Sharpton Just Got Some Extremely Bad News

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Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) recently staged a protest in Washington, D.C., to criticize the police over what they perceive to be issues of inequality.  Unfortunately for America’s leading race-baiter, things didn’t go as planned. In no time at all, black protesters at the rally were accused of discriminating against others. Shocker.

Several activists stormed the stage and grabbed the microphone, angry over the fact that they were denied entrance to the rally because they did not have a “VIP pass.” Johnetta Elzie, one of the protesters, remarked, “When we first got there, two people from NAN told us that we needed a VIP pass or a press pass to sit on the ledge. If it is a protest, why do you need to have a VIP pass?”

As the Conservative Tribune notes, a VIP section at a rally for equality is totally hypocritical.

Erika Totten, a fellow protester, took Elzie’s lead, climbing on stage to voice her outrage over being excluded.

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“They gave us badges but didn’t write our names down,” said another activist. “They never intended to let us speak. So when Erika said to follow her on stage, we did.”

Once the protesters stole the mic, it was quickly cut off. But Elzie explained that this only riled the crowd more. “I was glad to get the support of the some in the crowd who chanted, ‘Let them speak, let them speak,’” she said.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

Events such as this one show that Al Sharpton and his organization are becoming increasingly irrelevant. To put it bluntly, he does not speak for all black people.

There are many young African Americans who see Sharpton not as a leader, but as a hindrance.

They are deeply angry and resentful. However, time will tell if the next generation of black activists will move toward actual progress, or simply more hatred and division in America.

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