Leaked Grand Jury Testimony Proves Dorian Johnson Lied to FBI, Media

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The web of lies perpetuated by the liberal mainstream media continues to unfold in the case of Michael Brown. The Conservative Tribune reports that the most notorious witness to the shooting, Dorian Johnson, has changed his story. Johnson was with Brown at the time he was fatally shot by Police Officer Darren Wilson, and had assisted him in a strong-arm robbery moments before. Johnson sparked the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative in large part, as he consistently maintained that 18-year-old Brown had his hands raised in surrender and was running away from Wilson at the time of his death.

We now know that Johnson admitted to the grand jury that he never actually saw a single bullet hit Brown in the back. This was after the single father told his false story to the local police, the FBI and the media, inciting the violent riots which ravaged his hometown. This was not the first time Johnson had lied to authorities, either. In 2001, he was arrested for filing a false police report. He has other various charges against him as well.

Will this information inspire race rioters nationwide to pack up and go home? Unfortunately, those who have protested for Michael Brown from the very beginning have never been concerned with the facts of the case or the evidence presented via several autopsies and witness testimony. While this report solidifies the opinions of many who believe Wilson shot Brown in self-defense, it will likely be overlooked by the rioters and mainstream media.

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