Former Bush Staffer Schools Rosie O’Donnell … She Doesn’t Take it Well

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As usual, Rosie O’Donnell has been getting her ass handed to her on The View. Most recently, it was over the notorious “torture report.” She butted heads with the show’s resident conservative, Nicole Wallace, formerly of the Bush White House.

Wallace was working in the White House on September 11, 2001. She described the horrific events which followed the terrorist attacks and defended the CIA’s response. “The last three days I’ve been asked about this a lot in this job and in my other job at MSNBC and I have never had more people call me and thank me for defending the men and women of the CIA who were simply doing their jobs,” Wallace remarked.

Her opinion was admirable, well-informed and shared by the majority of Americans, as the CIA was trying to prevent further attacks on the American people, which were likely planned in the coming days after the World Trade Center was taken down.

O’Donnell, instead of keeping her big mouth shut, decided to add her unsolicited two cents. “And I’ve never had so many people call me to say thank you for saying the other point,” vomited the overweight liberal.

“But I have never been more proud to defend the people who walk the line for this country and this city and the city in which I worked, the city where my mom and dad lived,” Wallace concluded. She called the release of the controversial report “traumatic” for “the men and women who were simply doing their jobs.”

Reports indicate that O’Donnell will soon be canned from The View, thanks to her own idiocy and the general fact that most viewers can’t stand her. As Wounded American Warrior points out, perhaps she’d fit in better as a production assistant for Al Sharpton’s MSNBC gig.

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