Peaceful Protesters Chanting They Want Dead Cops

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In several cities over the weekend of December 14, protests continue related to the untimely deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. While many of the protests were peaceful and conducted lawfully, the New York demonstration took on a criminal overtone.

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Protesters can be heard shouting, “what do we want?….dead cops…when do we want it?…now!” Who among the citizenry finds this to be acceptable? Death is the issue that brought about these protests. Is more death the answer? Who are these people? Mob mentality seemed to take over as this chant continued for several minutes.

No matter what one may think about recent grand jury decisions not to indict, murder is obviously not an acceptable means by which to get justice. These protesters would better serve their purpose by actually being peaceful and respectful and not inciting further animosity between the public and the police.

New evidence in both cases seems to indicate that neither Garner nor Brown was quite the “gentle giant” some claimed. Both men had extensive criminal records and new allegations are surfacing now with regard to Garner, child abuse, and sexual misconduct.

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These protesters are more the problem than the solution. Men and women who wear a uniform and vow to serve and protect ought not have to fear for their lives because the public is upset. Is it not enough that they face armed criminals on a regular basis?

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