Is War With Russia Imminent?

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Saturday, December 13th,  Reports in Russian media claim the U.S. is preparing for war with Russia. These reports claim Obama is eager to provoke Russia and that the U.S. Congress has authorized such action. A member of Russia’s parliament was even quoted: Russia “cannot calmly watch as the US arms Ukraine with the most modern lethal weapons. In this regard, we should not appear weak. The situation is very alarming. Judging by US intentions, they want to turn Ukraine into a fighting platform against Russia.”

“Colonel Cassad”, a popular Russian website, has been reporting that recent declines in air traffic to three Ukraine airports is due to military shipments from the U.S. Quotes from airport workers are even employed as evidence the U.S. is placing arms in civilian outposts there.

On Friday, December 12, Foreign Policy bannered “Who Will Foot the Bill in Ukraine?” referencing aid from Europe and the U.S. while Ukraine’s economy is faltering.

U.S. military cargo shipments are in fact arriving there as the fledgling nation is facing unprecedented hardship. On April 15th, “Ukraine’s Economy Is Nearing Collapse” was reported in Forbes magazine. In fact, the Hryvnia in Ukraine is the worst performing currency in the world this year. The IMF, EU, and U.S. have all pledged assistance to the tune of $27 billion combined. While this influx of cash will be beneficial, it  may not be enough to thwart efforts by Russia to call due notes from previous loans. In fact, the dollars in question are all “loans” even though Ukraine’s ability to repay them, ever, is suspect.

According to Forbes, Ukraine’s currency has declined by 91.5% this year as of November 12. On December 11th, Ukraine’s new Minister of Economic Development admitted, “By and large, the state is bankrupt.”

In a previous “loan” by Russia to Ukraine, there is a provision that the debt of this nation may not exceed 60% of its GDP. In the event that should occur, Russia may demand payment in full. Officially, the report of debt to income is to be made in March of 2015. It would appear, however, that Ukraine has exceeded the threshold and will certainly have further conflict with Russian over this debt.

Some claim that the West’s intervention and influence in the matters of unrest between Russia and Ukraine have contributed to the demise of the former Soviet state. WW III and outlandish references to an inevitable battle between Russia and the collective “West” are being ever more widely reported.

What is true, however, is that Russia has set its sites on Ukraine. First in Crimea, and now the rest of this area that is coveted as a first step toward the renewal of a renewed Soviet block. It is also true that the U.S. Congress has authorized arming Ukraine for a less than crystal clear purpose. Finally, it seems to be true that President Obama will approve of such action and sign the final bill once it is prepared.

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Only 10 house members appear to be dessenting:California’s George Miller (D), California’s Dana Rohrabacher (R), Florida’s Alan Grayson (D), Florida’s Alcee Hastings (D), Kentucky’s Thomas Massie (R), Michigan’s Justin Amash (R), North Carolina’s Walter Jones (R), Tennessee’s John Duncan (R), Texas’s Beto O’Rourke (D),  and Washington’s Jim McDermott (D).

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