Dorian Johnson Recants Claim Mike Brown Was Shot In The Back

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Evidence made public in yet another evidence dump by the St. Louis Prosecutor’s office reveals an important eye witness has changed his story. When initially interviewed, Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown August 9th, insisted his friend was shot in the back. Four days later, Johnson was interviewed by the FBI. In that account, he basically told the same story and stated he was convinced Brown was shot in the back again.

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Transcripts of Mr. Johnson’s Grand Jury testimony, however, reveal that he admitted he never saw a bullet strike Brown in the back. This detail, had it been clarified in August for the public, might have saved the people of Ferguson a few riots and some minority owned businesses. It was, after all, the actions of an aggressive white cop shooting an unarmed black teen in the back while he was trying to flee that caused all the rioting in the first place. Actions by said white cop we now know didn’t actually occur. And, that unarmed black teen had just stolen from and assaulted a convenience store clerk. Johnson is also in the video.

In light of this discovery, can the city of Ferguson hold Dorian Johnson responsible for all the unrest and destruction that has occurred in the aftermath due to the inaccuracy of his prior statement? If Johnson was with Mike Brown on the evening in question, was he a participant in the convenience store robbery? Should he be tried for the theft?

Johnson still insists Brown never went for Officer Darren Wilson’s gun and that Wilson was the initial aggressor, from his car, in the altercation. His credibility is suspect, however, since his proximity to the police cruiser is unclear. How could he have seen what was occurring in the vehicle and is he telling the truth?

Both Johnson’s initial police interview and his Grand Jury testimony have now been made public. While he maintains his belief that Mike Brown was surrendering and Wilson’s account is flawed, his admission that he initially lied to the police is enough to call all of his testimony into question. The people of Ferguson, however, want to thank Mr. Johnson for helping stir up the false pretense that Mike Brown was an innocent victim of a white cop and destroying their town.

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This is not the first time Johnson has lied to police. In June 2011, he was arrested for filing a false police report. He has a fairly lengthy, though petty, criminal record. Perhaps he is not the star witness Eric Holder would like him to be.

H/T: Daily Mail

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