Statistics Reveal Black On White Crime Is More Prominent Than White On Black

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In a world where the media reports selectively and paints a very clear picture of the world as they see it, nearly 100 shootings on school property have occurred since 2000 and only a handful were widely reported. Mass shootings, drive by shootings, and shootings by minority gangs are under-reported in the politically correct era of the modern United States. New statistics reveal this disparity is far greater than most would believe.

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Nearly 10,000 homicides each year are the result of inner city gun violence. Recent reports indicate that over the last 30 years 75% of Boston’s shootings take place in 4.5% of the city’s area. Not a single shooting has been reported in nearly 90% of the streets there.

Another myth perpetuated by the left is that assault weapons cause crime to increase. According to the latest reports, handguns are almost always the culprit in gun violence and the shooter and the victim almost always know each other. Stricter mental health laws? Probably would not impact the situation. Most perpetrators of gun violence may be thugs, but they aren’t mentally ill. Minorities are disproportionately both the victim and the assailant in such cases…in huge proportions.

New York City experiences 80% of all shootings at the hands of blacks. They are only 23% of the city’s population. When hispanics are added to the minority mix, 98% of all gun violence in New York city is accounted for. White perpetrators are responsible for fewer than 1% of shootings in New York, but they are 35% of the population. Similar patterns exist across the entire nation.

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Why? Some argue the disintegration of the black family, black joblessness, and any number of factors related to government dependence is to blame. No matter what the reason, the truth is that racism has nothing to do with most shooting homicides in the United States. Most crime occurs within minority communities, where white officers like Darren Wilson served, and is inflicted on minorities by minorities. This makes the deaths no less tragic, but it does make all the recent attention to racism and the death of Mike Brown look like the hyperbole it truly is. Whites, even white officers of the law, do not routinely murder blacks. Society would be better served if the media would turn its attention to the real problem or at least report the truth.

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