More New Evidence Released in Ferguson Shooting

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Friday, December 12, Ferguson, Missouri. Robert McCulloch, St. Louis prosecutor, recently released more of the Grand Jury evidence related to the Michael Brown shooting. Though the move has been criticized due to an ongoing Federal investigation, the prosecutor’s office has released the evidence, including two recordings, in an effort to inform the public about the facts of the case.

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One recording is an unrelated conversation that just happened to capture the gunshots in rapid succession. The second is brief, but is an officer, not Darren Wilson, calling for more units to assist after the shooting.

Similar recordings have been released before, but earlier versions were from former officer Darren Wilson’s radio and some of those intent on blaming Wilson for acting improperly claimed it was altered in some way. Additional recordings from unique sources seem to indicate Wilson’s version of events was accurate and thus led to the  Grand Jury’s decision not to prosecute.

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Some in the area believe no amount of evidence dumping by the prosecutor’s office will ever change the minds of those determined to make a case for racism. The prosecutor’s office, however, appears to be making every effort to provide evidence of the truth to the public. It may be fruitless, but there is no harm in telling the truth.

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