DNA Proof that Obama Isn’t A US Citizen!


December 12, 2014 2:42pm PST

This interesting mini-documentary explains the care taken to debunk the lie that the president is who he says he is.

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There have been some serious blows to Obama’s identity defense.

First, the only evidence of a claim to US citizenship is a digital copy of his birth certificate that has been proven to be a digital forgery, and has not been backed up to date with the paper original.

Second, His dad is Kenyan, a subject of British Empire, which should have disqualified him from entering the election as a candidate in 2008.

Now, Michael Shrimpton published the book Spyhunter which reveals that the CIA took samples of Obama’s DNA before the 2008 elections and found that Obama was not, in fact, related to his claimed mother Stanley Ann Dunham. This completely disqualifies Obama from being president, but now that we have proved that he is not a US citizen, a little light may have been shone on the personal importance of his sudden and incredibly vague immigration amnesty.



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