Revealed: Obama’s Kenyan Family

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Obama has never been able to escape the claims that he is not a legitimate U.S. citizen and was actually born in Kenya. The vast majority of his family lives in Kenya, in a small village. Freelance Foreign correspondent Todd Baer traveled to the spot, where he met with Obama’s paternal grandmother, as well as other relatives.

An uncle of Obama’s told Baer that there are some “striking similarities” between the President and his father, who was a staunch communist and lifelong alcoholic. Barack Obama, Sr. died in a drunk driving car accident in 1982, when his son was 21-years-old. Ironically, there is now a beer named after President Obama which is popular in West Kenya.

The province where Obama’s family lives has both the highest rate of HIV infection and the highest unemployment rate in Kenya. “If Obama is elected President of the United States, many villagers we talked to here say they expect this to change,” Baer reported in April of 2008. Since then, Obama has done nothing to change circumstances for the people in his ancestral home. Consequently, many of them have died. One man from the village told Baer HIV has killed 18 of his family members.

Obama “has got his roots here,” said his uncle. That being the case, he thought Obama might be “concerned with what’s happening” in the destitute village. Maybe he’ll get around to helping them after his next round of golf…

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