Swann Confronts Obama Over Kill-List

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Truth in Media reporter Ben Swann nabbed an exclusive interview with President Obama at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday where he focused on the White House’s leaked Kill List that justifies assassinating targets (some American) without a trial.


Though Obama kept a curt answer that didn’t sound like he was interested in the topic and would neither confirm nor deny the list and those on it, Swann reports on all the legitimate White House staff members that DO admit it and find it a distraction.

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Further, Obama claims the focus for the administration has always been Al-Qaeda and any other threat, the result of which is we are able to now return from Afghanistan since we have removed a “tier of Al-Qaeda” that threatened the US. But Obama took the war to different regions for the sole purpose of killing a traitorous American and his teenage son without a trial for treason.

H/T: Inforwars.com

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