Creed Singer Threatens to Kill Obama

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Fresh out of a 72-hour psych hold in Florida, Creed front man Scott Stapp got police’s attention after a shocking 911 call from his estranged wife Jaclyn when he returned home this week.

As the call unfolds, we learn that Jaclyn has been dealing with either one devastating side of her husband or the other. As Stapp comes off of “self medication” drugs, he slips into paranoid schizophrenic delusions. Or maybe the CIA is becoming desperate. Because Scott Stapp claims that he is a (not so) secret CIA agent on whom falls the task of assassinating President Obama. Oh, and the CIA is trying to kill him anyway.

Jaclyn called doctors first, only to be told to call the police when Scott Stapp ran out of the house half naked with two backpacks full of “CIA documents”, hard drives and a grip of tools and set out on a bike to rid the nation of Obamacare. But when approached by police, they found he was not unstable enough to charge him with another stint in the padded cell.

Scott, your intentions may be rooted in something good, and for now we follow the civil course of judicial justice, but let’s keep that assassination theory to ourselves, unless Obama gets himself re-re-elected.

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