Documents Bury Holder’s DOJ In Guilt, Arrest NOW!

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Earlier this year it was reported that the IRS illegally gave away confidential taxpayer information to the Department of Justice allegedly to allow Attorney General Eric Holder to prosecute select conservatives to discourage President Obama’s opponents from dissention “or else”. Some even believe that the IRS went as far as putting the info into the White House’s hands as well. And the White House isn’t about to hand over any evidence of the documents or proof of possession, citing that it would be a violation of privacy to out them having illegal possession of the documents.

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But now history of top IRS big-wigs are being pored over, and newly-DOJ-released documents tell of a meeting between former chief of the IRS tax-exempt division Lois Lerner and Department of Justice officials just one month before 2010 midterm elections. Elections when the rocketing Tea Party had a sweeping victory and Mrs. Lerner would do anything to silence and destroy their success.

So Lerner sat down with criminal prosecutors from the DOJ’s Election Crimes Division and the Public Integrity Division. Irony, anyone?

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, said,

“These new documents dramatically show how the Justice Department is up to its neck in the IRS scandal and can’t be trusted to investigate crimes associated with the IRS abuses that targeted Obama’s critics.”

“And it is of particular concern that the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section, which would ordinarily investigate the IRS abuses, is now implicated in the IRS crimes. No wonder the Department of Justice under Eric Holder has done no serious investigation of the Obama IRS scandal.”

“It is shameful how Establishment Washington has let slide by Obama’s abuse of the IRS and the Justice Department. Only as a result of Judicial Watch’s independent investigations did the American people learn about the IRS-DOJ prosecution discussions of Obama’s political enemies and how the IRS sent, in violation of law, confidential taxpayer information to the FBI and DOJ in 2010. Richard Nixon was impeached for less,” Fitton continued.

And the icing on this Nixon-esq scandal is that while the documents revealing the scandal are on the table, Judicial Watch says that the DOJ is still keeping an iron grip on over 800 documents, claiming that there are privacy concerns.
h/t: Conservative Tribune

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