Jodi Arias Gets Some Good News

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The sentencing retrial for convicted murderer Jodi Arias was turned upside down when the defense discovered pornography files had been deleted from her victim’s computer. The tens of thousands of files contained some incredibly incriminating material, some of it illegal, as it featured young boys. Arias’ defense team has argued that had the evidence been presented in her first trial, it may have been so damaging to Travis Alexander’s character, that Arias could have been acquitted of his murder.

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A Mesa, Arizona, police computer technician has now admitted that there was a substantial amount of pornography on Alexander’s computer at the time of his death. This is particularly significant in light of the revelation that the pornography was deleted while the computer was in police custody. It is no longer just Arias’ defense team crying foul play.

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It remains to be seen exactly why police deleted the evidence. Hopefully, the truth will be revealed as Arias’ case progresses. However, this admission by the Mesa police computer technician was very good news for Arias, who seeks to have her first conviction overturned; or at the very least, have the death penalty option taken off the table.

H/T: USA Today

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