Israeli Prime Minister Destroys Obama With Just Six Words

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Over the last few months, the relationship between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has become incredibly strained.

The tension began when Obama thought he knew the terrorist group Hamas better than Israel did. This being after Hamas had been attacking Israel with rockets for weeks, using human shields and hiding in schools so that Israel could not launch counter attacks.

Realizing the attacks needed to stop, Obama helped to broker a 72 hour ceasefire plan supported by the United Nations.

While Obama patted himself on the back for a job well done, Netanyahu wasn’t pleased: he knew better. The Israeli Prime Minister was not surprised when Hamas quickly broke the ceasefire by executing two Israeli soldiers and kidnapping a third.

Afterwards, Netanyahu issued a brief but stern warning to Obama and his minions:

“Don’t ever second guess me again.”

Israel has been dealing with Hamas and groups like them for years now. Netanyahu saw right through Obama’s entitlement when he marched into Israel with his “master plan,” and the prime minister wasn’t having any of it.

I think Obama will definitely think twice before he messes with Netanyahu again…

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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