Muslim KFC Culture Shock Tantrum!

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Sydney, Australia is the next city to find themselves questioning why Muslim tolerance is purportedly required of a community when that tolerance is not a value displayed by the Muslim culture.
KFC has opened a few “Muslim-only friendly” restaurants in Sydney that only serve halal food, food that is permissible to eat under Shariah law.

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But somehow, an employee at one location has a bloated sense of entitlement about his own cultural practices whilst living in a world where others, quite frankly, don’t care.

In the video, a man orders bacon on his sandwich (because it’s delicious), and while the register attendant handles it like the cool professional KFC requires, another employee flips out, insulted that such a request was made in his Halal-only store.

The guest is screamed at and threatened until more sensible employees wrangle the offended worker into the back of the house, still storming and throwing what looks to be a knife onto the ground. Conservative Tribune reports that the man-child was reportedly suspended and offered counseling.


If Muslims want world dominance, their current method of peacefully educating the nations of a loving God isn’t really vetting out in national scale. More often, we find them DEMANDING that we bow to their requirements.
The 80’s slogan “Unite the World”. But as time has passed, the world continues to scratch and bite and slap in the name of “Unity”, causing us to let go of the people that solicited the outreach out in the first place.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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