Obama Family Preparing for Lavish Christmas Vacation


December 12, 2014 10:42am PST

While you scrape together pennies to buy a few modest Christmas presents for your kids, the Obama family is preparing for their annual Hawaiian vacation, courtesy of the American tax-payer. The Hawaii Reporter revealed that the “familiar signs” are beginning to crop up that the Obamas will soon be “appearing in the close knit beachside community” of Oahu.

No official dates for the President’s vacation have been released, although residents expect the Obamas to arrive sometime around December 20, shortly after Malia and Sasha begin their winter break.

Preparations for the First Family’s visit are extensive. On Wednesday, Honolulu police conducted roadside drills along the route the President’s caravan takes. Secret Service agents have also been performing security checks in and around the neighborhood where the Obamas will be staying.

Kailua residents have been informed that their own holidays will be upended by the Obama family’s stay. On Tuesday, the Coast Guard went door-to-door to ensure everyone was aware that waterways would be completely closed to the public between Dec. 18 and Jan. 5. All boats will be removed from the popular beach and no one will be permitted to go about their usual activities, like canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Kailua Bay, a local surf spot, famous worldwide and frequented by travelers and residents, will also be closed.

To any rational person, this sort of disturbance would seem unrealistic. But the Obamas are not embarrassed in the least that their vacation will mean putting countless others out.

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