Extremely Bad News for Darren Wilson

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A group of black attorneys have teamed up to focus all of their energy on completely ruining Darren Wilson’s life and reputation. Their first step has been to file a nine-page petition with the Missouri Department of Public Safety demanding that Wilson have his law enforcement license revoked, according to the Conservative Tribune.

The National Bar Association, a group of black lawyers and judges, believes that Wilson “assaulted and murdered” Michael Brown when he fatally shot the 18-year-old in self-defense. This, despite a mountain of evidence and witness testimony which proved that Wilson had acted within his authority and the scope of the law on that fateful summer day.

“Until there is some form of teaching officers to de-escalate a situation similar to how they do with suspects who are not African-American, until we are at that point, we think it’s in the best interest of the public that those individual licenses are removed,” NBA president Pamela Meanes commented. For his part, Wilson is not backing down. His attorney, Neil Bruntrager, said that his client will not surrender his license without a fight, should it get to that point.

This proves that the left doesn’t just think “black lives matter,” they think “black lives matter more than white lives.” This is where the real racism lies within the Michael Brown narrative – with the liberal hacks who refuse to acknowledge the facts in effort to push an agenda founded in intolerance and furthered by falsehood and deceit.

At the present time, the NBA’s petition has gained little traction with the head of Missouri’s DPS, Dan Isom. However, we will be monitoring this case closely and will be the first to let you know should it gain any momentum. Share this article if you support Darren Wilson and think the NBA is on par with Al Sharpton, the race-baiting extraordinaire.

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