Leaked: Hollywood Executives Exchange Racist Emails About Obama

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Hollywood studio Sony Pictures is under fire this week after a hacker broke into their system and released private emails between their executives that have many screaming racism.

Race-baiters have focused on a specific exchange of emails between Sony Pictures Chair Amy Pascal and film producer Scott Rudin in which they made racist comments about President Obama.


The email exchange occurred when Pascal was about to attend a fundraising breakfast attended by the president, and she and Rudin were going over what she should talk to Obama about.

“Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?” Pascal wrote to Rudin, referencing the 2012 Quentin Tarantino movie about slavery.

“12 years,” Rudin responded, referencing another Hollywood film about slavery that won the best picture Oscar last year.

The duo then referenced as many movies starring black actors as they could name.

“I bet he likes Kevin Hart,” Rudin said at one point, referring to the black comedian.


This leak comes one day after an email was leaked in which Rudin referred to Angelina Jolie as “a minimally talented spoiled brat.”

While Pascal has refused to comment on the emails, Rudin released a brief statement on the matter:

“This is not about salacious emails being batted around by Gawker and Defamer. It’s about a criminal act, and the people behind it should be treated as nothing more nor less than criminals.”

These emails were leaked as part of a cyberattack that some think was a revenge attack by North Korea for the upcoming film The Interview. The film mocks both North Korea and it’s dictator, Kim Jong-Un, and was released by Sony Pictures.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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