Terrorists Launch Devastating Attack On U.S. Military

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Last week, the U.S. military launched a raid on an al-Qaeda group in Yemen in order to rescue American hostage Luke Somers. Unfortunately, the mission failed and Somers was killed. Now, al-Qaeda has announced that they have already taken their revenge on the U.S. military with a devastating attack.

Witnesses told the Associated Press that saw a “powerful explosion” at the al-Annad U.S. military base in Yemen early Thursday morning. The witnesses also reported seeing multiple “bodies” transported from the base in ambulances.

al-Qaeda terrorists immediately took credit for the attack on twitter, bragging about how they fired six rockets at the “American section” of the military base. The victims and their conditions have remained anonymous, and it is not known what nationality they were.

The al-Annad military base is a base where Western advisors assist the Yemeni military in their fight against al-Qaeda. Their primary forms of assistance are drones and logistical support.

It remains to be seen just how devastating this attack was for our service men and women. Our thoughts and prayers are with the U.S. military at this time.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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