Liberals Hate What the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Clan Just Did

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Liberals love to bash Phil Robertson for being a “homophobe” and a “racist,” entirely because they disagree with his biblical views. Instead of practicing the tolerance they preach, they notoriously resort to name-calling. However, on Wednesday’s Duck Dynasty Christmas special, the Robertson family patriarch proved them all wrong.

“A New Home for Christmas” was heralded by the Examiner as “the very best episode ever,” which is quite an accomplishment seven seasons into the hit reality show. The episode saw the Robertsons team up with Clayton Homes to gift a long-time friend with a brand new house for Christmas. Here’s the part liberals will hate: the recipient was an African-American woman who has been going to church with the Robertsons for years.

The woman is also the mother of one of Phil’s childhood friends. The Robertsons worked hard to put the finishing touches on her new home, which included a beautiful deck. “As the camera panned across the party, there were various colors of faces, smiling and celebrating the occasion,” reported the Examiner. “The message of a Southern community living in racial harmony was clear, and it was real.”

Phil and Miss Kay said a special prayer to dedicate the new home and the pair were moved to tears. “It was a beautiful moment in contrast to the angry racial protests going on across the nation,” wrote the Examiner.

Many don’t know (or choose to ignore) the fact that Phil has a grandson who is bi-racial. Will, the adopted son of Willie and Korie, was featured in the Christmas episode, during a scene in which the Robertson kids visited a recording studio to make a Christmas album.

Well this certainly blows a hole in the liberal narrative that Phil Robertson and his brood of duck-hunting, God-fearing, Louisiana natives are a bunch of racists! Share this article if you support the Robertsons for selflessly gifting their well-deserving friend with a new home!

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