Darren Wilson Could Be In Big Trouble

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Darren Wilson just got some very bad news from the National Bar Association, who announced that they are taking action to revoke his police license.

The organization, which mostly represents black attorneys, has filed a lawsuit against the former police officer in the hopes that they will get his police license revoked.

The NBA said in a statement that Wilson, “committed a criminal act and did so under color of law with disregard for Michael Brown’s life or public safety.”

NBA President Pamela Meanes said in a statement:

“Police officers are licensed and can use deadly force in making decisions about whether they need to kill to save themselves or others. Wilson’s perception of the citizens he was paid to protect can only lead a reasonable person to conclude that his mental state and judgment would place African American citizens in danger anywhere he works as a law enforcement officer.”

This news from the NBA comes as no surprise, considering the fact that Benjamin Crump is one of their leaders. Crumps is currently representing the family of Michael Brown, who Wilson shot last August.

When will the race baiters leave Wilson alone? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments below.

H/T: Mediaite

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