‘Duck Dynasty’ at the Center of Arrests for Counterfeit Selling

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Two individuals from Fresh Meadows, New York, have been caught trying to sell fake Duck Dynasty merchandise. Police seized more than $280,000 worth of items from the couple. Ping Hsiao Mao, 61, and Sheau Chen Yu Mao, 58, tried to sell the counterfeit wares at Wholesale Alley in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall said on Tuesday:

“The sale of counterfeit trademarked goods does very real harm to everyone across the economic spectrum, from the consumers who are buying substandard goods to the legitimate manufacturers and retailers who find themselves competing with fake versions of their brands. We have also seen that the same distribution channels that bring in fake designer apparel can also bring in Christmas tree lights bearing counterfeit Underwriters Laboratories safety certification labels. That can present a deadly fire hazard in our homes.”

Fox 8 revealed that Wholesale Alley allows vendors to rent space and sell directly to business owners with a permit. Sheriff David Grice speculated that the Maos stayed in a hotel in the area for a few days at a time to sell goods from the space they rented.

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“I suspect that people who are purchasing these kinds of items know that they’re probably counterfeit but if you don’t you should be wary,” Grice said. “If it’s too good to be true it’s probably not true. I don’t think you’re going to buy a 300-dollar product for 25 dollars brand new unless it’s stolen or not legitimate.”

Some of the pricier items the Maos tried to pass off as real included the new line of Dooney & Bourke purses inspired by A&E’s hit reality series, Duck Dynasty. The Robertson women teamed up with the designer label to release a limited edition line of handbags just in time for the holidays. Authorities seized a truck and SUV filled with the counterfeit goods.

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