Obama Calls Malia “Chubby,” Michelle Institutes Diet


December 10, 2014 11:20am PST

Michelle Obama is widely known – and loathed – for her commitment to childhood obesity, a problem which apparently found its way into the Obama’s own home. After a visit with Malia and Sasha’s pediatrician, the First Lady was warned that “something was getting out of balance” with regard to their health.

Michelle admitted that she didn’t notice the problem at first. “In my eyes I thought my children were perfect – I didn’t see the changes,” she said during an event with U.S. health officials. In response to the news that her daughters were “becoming overweight,” Michelle instituted a diet for Malia and Sasha. She only let them drink low-fat milk, completely cut out sugary drinks and cut down on the burgers.

Barack was happy with the results of the diet, which led to his daughters trimming down. In the past, he conceded that Malia was getting “a little chubby.”

All of the unnecessary focus on weight that Barack and Michelle have placed on their daughters has got to weigh heavily on the teens. Experiencing puberty in front of the entire world cannot be a comfortable experience, and these two sorry excuses for a parental unit are undoubtedly making matters worse for their daughters.

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