Eric Garner Exposed as Abusive Father, Sexual Predator

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Police sources who were familiar with Eric Garner and had dealt with him on a regular basis have revealed to exactly what kind of man he was. Garner was killed by the NYPD after selling illegal cigarettes, causing national outrage.

“Street thug Eric Garner had at least eight domestic incident reports filed against him, including several for unwanted sexual touching. One of them even involved throwing his newborn grandchild and his daughter out of his car,” reported one NYPD source.

New York law dictates that police must file a report each time they respond to a domestic dispute, even if there are no charges filed by the victim. This is precisely why the cops had record of Garner’s violent and lascivious behavior.

In 2009, Garner was actually arrested for forcibly touching the genitals of a victim. He had also been picked up for possession of narcotics believed to be either “oxy or meth,” and false impersonation for giving a false name to the police.

“There are other sealed arrests that you can’t see,” said the police source. “Police were well acquainted with Garner in the neighborhood.” Apparently, the illegal cigarette salesman was involved in local organized crime and notorious for driving with a suspended license.

The footage of the moments before Garner was placed in a fatal chokehold by the NYPD also supports this evidence that he was well-known by local authorities. Garner says, “every time you see me,” in the clip, suggesting his history with law enforcement was substantial.

Does the fact that Eric Garner was an abusive father and a sexual predator change your mind at all about the circumstances surrounding his death? Share this article if you care about the truth and believe that not all cops are just “itching to kill a ni**er.”

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