Kevin Costner Comes Out, But Not in the Way You’re Thinking

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Liberal actor Kevin Costner has a different opinion on the recent race riots than most of his Hollywood peers. According to Western Journalism, Costner believes too many voices influencing the national narrative refuse to wait until all the facts are in before they opine on the ostensible racial overtones of the situation.

“What is the truth?” Costner questioned, regarding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. “I don’t know anymore – and we have 500 people trying to tell us. If our stories are mixed up, we’re not capable of cutting through the noise and getting the truth.”

The iconic actor thinks that race is needlessly interjected into too many conversations where it doesn’t belong. “It gets talked about,” he said, “but what I think happens is a lot of times a conversation gets stopped dead in its tracks because if somebody thinks they are losing, race comes up even if the word has no place in the discussion.”

Costner explained that an allegation of racism “trumps the point someone is trying to make” and as a result, “the conversation breaks up, it stops, it just comes to a shrieking halt.”

Perhaps Costner leans more to the right than previously thought! Share this article if you agree with him.

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