Lena Dunham Just Got Some Very Bad News

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Controversy continues to surround Lena Dunham’s first book, Not That Kind of Girl. In response to allegations made by the actress in an essay from her memoir, a man named Barry has hired an attorney to battle the accusation that he raped her in college. The pair both attended Oberlin.

Dunham’s publisher, Random House, has tried to backtrack, saying the actress used a pseudonym, and Barry is not the man referred to in her book. However, recent investigations suggest otherwise.

Dunham referred to Barry as the “campus’ resident conservative” in Not That Kind of Girl. As is turns out, there is only one student who went to school with the actress who had that reputation, and his actual name is Barry. As Oberlin is a small college, there were not many Barry’s to begin with. Being that the Barry Dunham targeted was easily identifiable, his life has been turned upside down now that the world thinks he’s a rapist.

Dunham has not responded to the legal case being brought by Barry, but Random House has announced that all future copies of Not That Kind of Girl will be altered to denote that “Barry” is a pseudonym.

Dunham may be ticked that her book is being changed, but that small amount of justice does not compensate for the irreparable amount of damage her false allegations have done to a man’s reputation. Do you think Barry should take Dunham to court? Sound off in the comments section.

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