EXPOSED: Secrets of Obama’s Past Reveal Shocking Plan to Take Down the Constitution

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The lawlessness of Obama has been inconceivable, however, it may be a bit more understandable when you take a look back at his past. Obama was planning to overhaul the Constitution well before he became President, even before he became a Senator.

In his book, Dreams From My Father, Obama compares his time in law school to the Greek mythological figure Prometheus. According to the Conservative Tribune, Prometheus stole the “fire” of knowledge from the ruling gods and gave it to the poor, oppressed people. Sound familiar?

Everything Obama has done while in office has been an attempt to redistribute what he believes to be undeserved advantages of hard-working, white Americans. Take his executive amnesty, for example. He admitted on tape over twenty times that he had no Constitutional authority to give 5 million illegals amnesty, yet did so anyway, without regard to the law.

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Obama has also been at the forefront of implementing discriminatory practices in schools, which blatantly violate the 14th Amendment. Under the guise of “racial disparity,” Obama and the contemptible Attorney General Eric Holder have worked to make it harder to punish minority students for committing the same offenses as white students.

Even the housing market has been affected by the President’s lawlessness. The Obama Administration has forced the FHA and HUD to adhere to racial quotas, effectively making it easier for minorities to buy a house. Obama has also encouraged businesses not to run background or credit checks on prospective employees of color, saying to do such would be “racist.” Of course, anyone with two brain cells to rub together could ascertain that to hold white people to a separate standard than minorities is the real racism taking place.

Obama is a Constitutional scholar, but not one who seeks to protect the rights which make our nation great. He studied our founding documents not to uphold them, but to find a way to tear them down. Inspired by a Socialist upbringing and a Communist father who was a drunk and a notorious abuser of women, Obama wants the exceptionalism of America to be reduced, and he is working tirelessly to do so.

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