Newly Released Documents Confirm What Really Happened During Michael Brown Shooting

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As part of Ferguson prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s push for transparency, new documents that were analyzed by the grand jury have been released, and they are giving the public a clearer picture of what really happened during the Michael Brown shooting.

The latest documents to be released describe an autopsy conducted by the Department of Defense at the request of Attorney General Eric Holder. The findings of this autopsy confirm the two previous ones that were done by the St. Louis County Medical Examiner and by a private expert hired by the Brown family.

Each of these autopsies found that Brown was shot in the skull, brain, and chest. The most crucial part of these autopsies, however, is what was found on Michael Brown’s hands. Documents say that a “strong likelihood of the presence of soot” was found on Brown’s hands, indicating that he was extremely close to a gun when it was shot.

This fact matches Darren Wilson’s account, which has always been that there was a struggle over his handgun immediately before Mike Brown was shot.

Investigators also found Brown’s blood on his own hands as well as the inside of the door to Wilson’s police cruiser. This would basically be impossible unless Brown actually did reach inside the police car to assault Wilson, like the officer later claimed.

Though Mike Brown is often portrayed as an angel by the mainstream media, court documents reveal that Brown had a 1.5 gram bag of marijuana in his possession at the time of his death, and that he was also under the influence of the drug when he was shot.

These documents reveal that Officer Wilson has told the truth throughout the entirety of this case, making it all the more sad that his life has been ruined over this unfortunate incident.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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