Leaked Audio Footage Reveals The Moment Mike Brown Was Shot

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Chilling audio footage has been released that shows the gunshots that killed Mike Brown, as well as Officer Darren Wilson’s desperate calls for help afterwards.

The first recording comes from a man who lives close to where the shooting takes place. The anonymous man was Skyping with his girlfriend when shots suddenly rang out around him.

The second recording features a clearly shaken Officer Darren Wilson calling for help moments after the shooting took place.

  “We need several more units over here..there’s going to be a problem,” he tells the dispatcher as wails of anguish are heard in the background.

The recordings are part of a second evidence dump released by Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, who controversially promised to release evidence heard by the Ferguson grand jury. They reveal that Wilson only requested medical services after several calls for police backup were placed.

It is unclear what affect, if any, the recordings will have on the Ferguson protests, which have continued to spread throughout the country since the grand jury decided not to indict Wilson.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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