Obama Admin Makes Shocking Confession About Post-9/11 Interrogation Techniques

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The Obama administration has made the shocking admission that the post-9/11 interrogation techniques were not justified, even if they did help to lead to Osama Bin Laden’s death.

When White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the upcoming release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report, his answer was surprising.

“There were a variety of views whether information that was gleamed from enhanced interrogation techniques led to the eventual capture of Osama bin Laden,” he answered.

“What we have been clear about, and what the president has been clear about, is that he does not believe the use of these enhanced interrogation techniques is justified. He does not believe that makes us safer. He does not believe that is in the core national security interest,” Earnest added.

Earnest cited Bin Laden’s death in 2011 and the hit movie Zero Dark Thirty a year later as things that made the public first scrutinize the CIA’s interrogation techniques.

“The president’s view, wherever you come down on this equation of, yes it yielded information that was helpful, yes it yielded information that was crucial, or no it didn’t yield any helpful information, the president believes that regardless of what the answer to that question is —  that the use of these techniques was not worth it because of the harm that was done to our national values and the sense of what it is we believe in as Americans,” Earnest said.

Earnest finished off by telling reporters that the administration is taking steps to ensure that American facilities all over the world will remain safe in spite of the newly released report.

“The administration has for months been preparing for the release of the report that could lead to a greater risk posed to U.S. facilities and individuals all around the world. The administration has taken the prudent steps that the proper security precautions are put in place at U.S. facilities around the globe.”

“The administration strongly supports the release of this declassified summary of the report. The president, on his first or second day in office, took the steps, using executive action, to put an end to the tactics that are described in the report. And the president believes that on principle, it is important to release that report so that people around the world and people here at home understand exactly what transpired.”

Do you think the CIA’s interrogation techniques were over the line, or did they do the right thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

H/T: The Blaze


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