‘Family Guy’ Christmas Episode Portrays Jesus as “Lying, Sex-Crazed Adulterer”

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According to The Blaze, the Family Guy Christmas episode was exceedingly offensive, portraying Jesus as a “lying, sex-crazed adulterer.” The episode, entitled ‘The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin,’ aired on Sunday.

NewsBusters said the show went “above and beyond the usual sacrilege,” as the main character, Peter Griffin, spent the episode trying to help Jesus lose his virginity. “After running into Jesus at the Quahog Mall, Peter is stunned to discover that the Son of God is still a virgin,” reads the episode’s synopsis. “So, he enlists Quagmire and Cleveland to help him throw Jesus the best birthday ever by finding a way to help him become a man.”

At one point, Jesus requested to lose his virginity to Peter’s wife, Lois. “Look Peter, I know it’s a lot to ask, but if it wasn’t okay I wouldn’t suggest it,” said Jesus. Peter agreed in exchange for a massage chair. “The son of God’s first time should be special,” said Lois. Later, both she and Peter found out that Jesus tricks husbands into letting him sleep with their wives every year.

The Blaze reported:

Clearly, the episode was intentionally filled with themes and comments that many Christians would find offensive — a fact that was openly admitted in one scene, as the shows creators poked fun at those they knew would be uncomfortable with the subject matter.

And if there’s any question about the episode’s intention to spark controversy during the holiday season, consider the single line that accompanies its description on the “Family Guy” website. It reads: “Happy Birthday, Jesus.”

The above NSFW clip shows one of the many blasphemous scenes from the episode.

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Reporter and viral blogger, Matt Walsh, reacted to the controversy:

The trouble with something like this is that it’s simply meant to provoke a reaction. So by reacting, as I am now, I suppose I’ve given this fool exactly what he wanted. But I believe teaching moments like this should be utilized, even if it means unintentionally satiating a humorless, attention-starved, cowardly bore like Seth MacFarlane.

Obviously there’s nothing remotely witty about any of this. It’s provocative in the cheapest, most mindless way possible. Yes, it’s offensive, but offensive like a dog defecating on the carpet is offensive. This is what we learn about many in Hollywood and many who watch and admire them — they have nothing to say. To them, sacrilege is bold merely because it’s sacrilege, not because the thing being defiled necessarily deserves defilement. They just look at something and think, ‘oh, lots of people love this, I guess I should mock it.’

But even that instinct is tempered by their gutlessness. Can you imagine a TV show ever airing something like this featuring the Prophet Muhammed? No, and not just because they fear repercussion from Muslims, but because they fear that they’ll lose the adulation of liberals.

You can’t disrespect Islam like you can disrespect Christianity. In fact, you can’t disrespect anything like you can disrespect Christianity. And if you disrespect Christianity, you’re automatically a genius. Hands down. No questions asked.

Those are the rules of the game. I find it all pretty boring at this point, to be honest.


Leave you thoughts on this blasphemous Family Guy episode in the comments section below.

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