Obama Sends Clear Message To Rush Limbaugh

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During an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Rush Limbaugh slammed the president and his fellow race baiters for their ridiculous opinions. Today, in an interview with BET, Obama responded to Limbaugh’s criticisms, and what he said is surprising.

In his interview on Sunday, Limbaugh had this to say about Obama and his minions:

“There’s no acknowledgement of any of the progress. If you listen to these people, the president, the mayor of New York, you’d think it was two hundred years ago. You’d think we hadn’t even started working on these problems, and that’s not true.”

In an interview set to air tonight on BET, Obama responded to these claims. “This isn’t something that’s going to be solved overnight,” Obama said of the racial tensions between African-Americans and police. “This is something that is deeply rooted in our society, it’s deeply rooted in our history.”

Despite this, the president acknowledged that “we have made progress.”

“It’s important to recognize that as painful as these incidents are, we can’t equate what is happening now to what happened 50 years ago,” the president said. “If you talk to your parents, your grandparents, uncles, they’ll tell you things are better. Not good, in some cases, but better. And the reason it’s important to understand that progress has been made is that it then gives us hope we can make even more progress.”

Obama is clearly trying to make it look like he doesn’t reject racial progress. It’s too bad that his actions aren’t matching up with his words…

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H/T: Mediaite

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