You Won’t Believe What Pope Francis Just Did In A Mosque…

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During his recent trip to Turkey, Pope Francis was caught doing something in a mosque that has left Christians everywhere shocked and appalled.

While visiting Istanbul, the pope stopped by one of the city’s most famous mosques and prayed facing Mecca. Praying alongside the pope was the Grand Mufti of Istanbul, Rahmi Yuran.

The Vatican tried to put a positive spin on the situation, calling it a moment of “silent adoration” and urging Catholics and Muslims to go beyond praying to God, and instead to “adore” him.

Afterwards, the pope visited the Haghia Sofia monument, which was originally a church that then became a mosque, and now serves as a museum. While he was there, Muslims played their call to prayer, disrespecting Christianity even further.

The Muslim call to prayer involves praising Allah as the almighty God, a statement that directly contradicts the Catholic belief that their God is the one and only.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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