Obama Admin. Implementing New “Racial Justice” Policies For Cops

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Since two grand juries decided not to indict cops for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the country has descended into chaos. Now, Obama and his goons are out for blood, and they won’t stop until every cop pays for their “racism.”

It turns out that Obama has been after the police for years, using his good friend Eric Holder to investigate police departments and make it difficult for hardworking cops to do their jobs. In the past five years, Holder has more than doubled the number of police department probes, opening more than 20 investigations. Holder has been on a crusade to stop “biased policing,” with the justice department arguing that many cops “subconsciously” have an “implicit bias” that causes them to discriminate by stopping a “disproportionate number of non-whites.”

One of the cities that Holder cracked down on was Seattle, where last year he ordered cops to soften their use of force and adapt “bias-free” policing. The result of these measures has been a steady increase in crime over the past year, with crime going up by 13%. Aggravated assaults are up 14% in Seattle, murders are up 21% and car theft has increased by a whopping 44%.

These statistics offer a grim look at the future of our country under Obama’s control. The President has made life easier for criminals everywhere by making things difficult for police, who now need to worry about being perceived as racist when they question a suspect.

Shame on you, Obama…

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H/T: New York Post

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