Rush Limbaugh Goes After Fox News, Jeb Bush, and the GOP

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Chris Wallace begins by calling Rush Limbaugh the King of conservative radio. He proceeds in 16 minutes to cover a litany of current events. When asked about Ferguson, Limbaugh indicates he thinks the behavior of demonstrators is unwarranted. He said these folks have been stirred up by “grievance politics”. He also indicated that he feels the looting and destruction would have likely erupted no matter what the Grand Jury decision. He repeatedly expressed concern “its tearing the country apart.”

In a rare moment of praise for Obama, Limbaugh referenced the ability of the POTUS to deliver “soaring rhetoric” and called for him to use his position to start the healing process over Ferguson and the Garner case. Limbaugh remarked that no one in law enforcement in these cases was “purposely getting it wrong.”

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Wallace played a clip of Obama stating, “when anybody in this country is not being treated equal under the law…” it is his job to stop it. Rush indicated the problem with that is, there is no indication race or unequal treatment was at the heart of either of these two cases.

The host related a statistic that in routine traffic stops, blacks are 3 times more likely to be searched than whites. Limbaugh admits that things are not perfect, but indicates that Holder and Obama want to present life in the U.S. as if it were 200 years ago and no progress has been made. Rush further relates that the events in Ferguson, as described by the media and some demonstrators, didn’t even happen. Then Limbaugh scolded the POTUS saying his taking sides is divisive and “reprehensible.”

Specific to the Garner matter, Rush took a different posture than most. He first indicated that some in law enforcement are not willing to call the carotid restriction tactic employed by the officer in question a “choke hold.” He went on to say that the real travesty is that an American died over a police force being used to enforce tax collection. He asked “how many people smoking marijuana did (those officers) pass…” to get to the guy selling single cigarettes. If the left wants a powerful state, he said, this is it. Police force being used to collect taxes.

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When Wallace brought up the civil rights investigations in the two cases, Rush seemed genuinely annoyed. Limbaugh has previously indicated Holder views the NYPD as the same kind of occupying force as Hamas. Limbaugh says no resolution will come under this current administration because too many people are profiting from the racial divide. No legitimate criticism of Obama is permitted because one is called a racist if one disagrees with him.

Lately, Limbaugh has been criticizing Fox News for supporting the GOP position that they do not want a government shut down. Rush is quick to point out that it “isn’t a government shut down, it only shuts down 10-15%…” It’s a diversion tactic, he claims to keep voters from realizing that many in the GOP actually want what Obama wants on immigration.  He claims that shutting down the government will not hurt Republicans.

In the lightning round, Wallace tried to cover several topics:

Hillary Clinton? Rush isn’t worried about her Presidential bid. The hype has finally died.

Barack Obama? Rush stands by his 2009 remarks that the POTUS is a “man child who doesn’t care about the country.”

Jeb Bush? Limbaugh says Bush some how thinks he needs to run on comprehensive immigration and against the base. “Republicans know how to lose the White House”, Rush said, following with a call to change direction.

The pair finished on a lighter note discussing Limbaugh’s recent trilogy of children’s books about American history. Whether you agree or disagree with Rush, his perspective influences millions of people on a daily basis. If they all agree with him, perhaps the GOP should heed his words.

H/T: Mediaite

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