Obama Receives Embarrassing “Welcome” From Veterans

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Several severely ticked off military veterans from Delaware brazenly decided to turn their backs on the Commander-in-Chief … literally.

The Conservative Tribune reports that as Obama’s motorcade approached the men, they stood at attention, holding American and Gadsten flags. At the precise moment that the President’s limousine passed, a command rang out, and the soldiers abruptly did an about-face, turning their backs on the man who has turned his back on them again and again.

“Obama’s not doing anything to protect our veterans,” said Martin Nicolson, a Marine veteran. “He wants to ban the importation of the AK-47 rifle, but he refuses to help our veterans who were shot at by them! I think I speak for all of us when I say, I can’t ever remember a U.S. President who has disrespected our men and women who have honorably served the nation they love, more than Barack Hussein Obama.”

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